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  • playingelectro
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lvckyta was born in Rangkasbitung, Banten.

he was a drummer for the band at past, but when in Bandung no suitable partner to make the band. so he focused on studying at Padjadjaran University.

although he has long been familiar with the music, but in late 2012. He learned music production autodidact. with the seriousness he learned how to make electronic music well. but there is no perfection in learning, definitely need a process that is so long. so until now he was always hone his ability to operate daw that has been used.

in addition, he also formed a duo with his partner DJ gunx, called 28 rebel.

at the end of 2013, he and 28 rebel was entered a remix contest on a label from UK and won the 1st place, and get a prize releases the original track on that record label and the remixes as well.

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