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Otsu Aiko start DJ’ing on 2006. She’s already fall’in love with Electronic Dance Music since She still a gurl.
Otsu Aiko had performing at a lot of famouse club like X2, Embassy, Kampus, Tribeca NYC, Score, The Stone,
Vertigo, Retro, Fashion Bar, Centro and others famouse Club.
To proving her skill Otsu aiko entering some of DJ competition like Heineken Trirst, and Pioneer DJ Baltte.
With her talent, Otsu Aiko make her self keep giving an Energetic performance,
Beside playing the CDJ ( for regularry performance ), for the special performance ( request performance ),
Otsu Aiko connecting controller (M – Audio Axiom 25) to Laptop with Ableton or Nuendo software
And Alesis – Air FX to mixer of CDJ for make more uniqe sound, fill and more effect at the song.

Otsu Aiko also made her own song (genre : Trance) with software ejay Dance Evolution 6,
Nuendo 3, Stylus RMX, Repture, Hypersonic, Nexus,and Elastik-Trance Id.
For protect and mastering her song, she use Reason. Otsu Aiko try to can play
all of dance music ( multigenre ) start from Classic disco, Chill’out, House, Minimal,
Electro, Progressive, Techno, Tribal, Trance…until…Hard Trance,
Otsu Aiko try to love all’of that genre, but technic’ly she sold her soul for Techno & Trance.
For her World of DJing means that she must play the music with the heart to have a
powerfull passion of smart music and make a magical vibe atmostphiere.

- @ 2009 Otsu Aiko Launching her own song’s to Public and make it being Ring Back tone for Cell Phone Provider.
- @ 2010 Otsu Aiko was doing Tour to 8 Big City of Indonesia with Heineken Music with Tour named “Heineken Ultimate Thirst” .

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