7 Squares

Being introduced to dance music scene by a friend while studying in Manchester back in 2001 through Ministry Of Sound and God’s Kitchen events, the tunes instantly catches Syndromatic’s attention as the unfamiliar noise that made a lot of people dance.

Soon after gaining knowledge about vinyl records, mixer and turntable from the same person, Syndromatic self-learned the whole idea of electronic dance music detailed fractions.

Shifting study to Perth in 2002, he came across CDJ and perceive more experience of dance party scene including the various dance music genres. Resulting in personal attachment with Trance through its distinctive sound.

Returning to Indonesia early 2005, Syndromatic was involved unintentionally into Jakarta’s dance party scene through managing a previously well-known lounge in Kemang. Presenting numerous events which involve many local and international DJs.

In 2008, Syndromatic decided to start DJ-ing and starting his own label “7 SQUARES”, as a form of love and passion for dance music thus Jakarta dance party scene. In addition of producing several unreleased tracks such as “Here We Go”, “The Sound”, and “Felatio Dive”.

After more than 2 years having the honor to be recruited as a talent of M1/43 SOUND family, in 2011 Syndromatic recently resigned in order to rebuild 7 SQUARES.

From this point forward, Syndromatic along with 7 SQUARES will be giving out the best through his music and events to be acknowledge as a part of Indonesia's electronic dance music industry.

And now Syndromatic is a proud member of MPXX Asia.

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