365 Eco Bar

  • Jakarta
  • ph.
  • Jl. Kemang Raya No. 6, Jakarta Selatan 12730
365 Eco Bar offers a new experience in enjoying nightlife Jakarta. Staying true to our concept as a bar, the place is the perfect venue for drinks, food and conversations where good music is at the right volume, drinks are custom tailored, and a rare level of good old-fashioned service.

We care about the planet, the trees, the good people, and other living beings and all the sounds that drives it's colorful inhabitants! Urban recycling, green constructing & environment loving, our aim to grow society’s consciousness and act upon the global environmental issues that we all face with positivity and creativity!

Utilizing reusable urban materials in over 70% of our construction, the main structure of the venue is built out of used shipping containers, converted and modified. Revealed within, the décor is embellished with steel walls covered in mural art by local artists, concrete & used wooden floor, and urban junk reshaped and refurbished into furniture. An art installation designed to stimulate interaction!

365's signage itself is a count down device, flipping a digit down every night at midnight, starting from the beginning of the year. ‘365’ on January 1st, ‘364’ on January 2nd, all the way to ‘001’ on December 31st. The idea is a friendly reminder to the society that if changes are to be made, the time is NOW


365 Eco Bar Events This week (week 47 - 2017)
20-Nov-2017 - 26-Nov-2017

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