Stadium Jakarta

  • Jakarta
  • ph. 0216263323
  • Hayam Wuruk 111 FF, GG, HH, II JJ, West Jakarta - Indonesia
Stadium Jakarta is one of Indonesia and Asia's best clubs, the hugest place in Jakarta, where everybody blends with the late night atmosphere.

Known as the first one-stop entertainment in town, we provide all the night entertainment you may need.

Placed on 6000m2 on the most popular location on Jakarta in the very heart of the capital, in one of the most densely populated areas for commercial as well as residence quarter, Stadium Entertainment Jakarta possesses a huge 5000-person capacity.

Great services, combined with 100% safety for the guests, all make of Stadium Jakarta a main destination, crowning it undoubtedly as Jakarta's most popular spot for one-stop entertainment, where you can get ALL you want, all night long. There's no other place in Jakarta whose opening time extends as long as Stadium's opening hours.

Satisfy your nocturnal life hunger only at Stadium Jakarta.


Stadium Jakarta Events This week (week 04 - 2019)
21-Jan-2019 - 27-Jan-2019

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