Ice Club

  • Surabaya
  • ph. 03151162919
  • Bukit Darmo Boulevard, Surabaya, Indonesia
Every night at ICE CLUB is a party. You never know which famouse DJ will show up and sit in with one of these incredible and amazing talent house bands. The warm mood lighting play on shadow and light,hinting at the many unique, tapestries, linens and woods that fill ICE CLUB. The space is designed around the feeling of castle and modern minimalist, with hedonism and confort playing equally important roles. Part Club, part Pub and part Ice Bar, ICE CLUB it's a little bit of everything. With an exoansive wine and drink list your thirst is quenched.


Ice Club Events This week (week 04 - 2019)
21-Jan-2019 - 27-Jan-2019

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