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Forte Glissant is a multimedia artist. He learn about visual performing in 2008 in Semarang. Until early 2011, he moved to Jakarta and learn DJ to increase knowledge about music in Rumus DJ School, which he uses to improve performance in a visual performing. He has been showing his best visuals in various events, clubs, concerts and rave parties in many clubs and venues in major cities throughout Indonesia. He has been joined by some famous management such as Seventh Heaven, Rumus & Filters Management.

In 2011, he was accepted at one of the private TV Company in Phuket, Thailand as Motion Grapher & Video Editor for several months. He has studied many design & visual capabilities such as graphic design, motion graphics, animation, 3d, video mapping, and audiovisual. He have been played with many international DJs and famous DJs Indonesia. Now he is learning more about audio and deepen knowledge producing his own video remix to know more about the DVJ.

He now works as a Visual Jockey at Babyface Club & Karaoke, one of the best entertainment venues in Semarang, Indonesia.

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