MOTIONINJA is a Jakarta based Visual Jockey that creates and performs live visual mixing for clubs, concerts, outdoor raves, museums, live theater, music video and experimental film. MOTIONINJA was established in 2000 with the vision to create mind expanding live visuals that can raise consciousness to new levels. In December 2005, MOTIONINJA join the CLUBHOPPERS the big name in dance music scene to spread the real party atmosphere in every CLUBHOPPERS series party.

Rooted in his un-ordinary VJing and characterized footage like dark & dirty style, trance elements and a strong idealist style MOTIONINJA stimulates and blend magic with a spiritual energy into each of his performance that has made the name listed as the first line VJ in Jakarta dance scene. Now MOTIONINJA is joining one of well respected big label with DAFKAF along side with DJ Remy Irwan,and under one roof with BIOSAMPLER, 5.0, CHAINSMOKINGBASTARD known as UNITED VISUAL GUERILLA.

MOTIONINJA have been played with many international DJ’s such as Johan Gielen, Sultan & Tone Depth, Andy Moor, Murat Uncouglu, Christopher Lawrence, Randy Katana, DJ Missill, Gareth Emery, 4 Strings, Scot Project, Vandall, Matt Hardwick, David Dunne of Hed Kandi, Ronski Speed, Tom Novy, Arron Ross, Chuck Love, DJ Yass, First State, John Digweed, Sasha, Timo Maas, Above and Beyond and played along with big names in local dance scene such as Naro, Romy, Agoose, Riri, Ardi Pite, Deny, Remy Irwan, Anton, Hogi and among others. MOTIONINJA stimulates your eyes beautifully with quality footages, hi-end visuals orchestra & stylish performances...

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