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It all began back in 2003, when Shawn was still doing his studies in Melbourne, Australia. Motivated by some of the leading Australian and International Djs and producers such as DJ Sunshine, DJ Boogs, Spacey Space, Superpitcher, Gavin Keitel, Nathan Coles, and Terry Francis to name a few. Truly inspired on the sounds that these people produced and blend, he began collecting records back in those days and learned the art of mixing from his friends and by himself. Started to play on various events in some of the clubs in Melbourne such as Next Blue, Platform 1, Eleven A, l’otel and many more.
During the year of 2005 - 2007, he has received many positive feedback and appreciation from his sets and managed to play in some of Jakarta s leading clubs such as Wonderbar, Balcony, Vertigo, Public, Amare Bandung and more for many occasions during his holiday seasons.
His enthusiasm in electronic and house music is shown in his style of mixing that ranges from soulful, deep, groovy and chunky to electro, minimal, quirky tech, and techy house tunes. Armed with many experience he gained from abroad and over the years, Shawn has grown and improved all of his sets and capable of moving feet in any type of dance floor situation.
He is back for good in J-Town at 2008 and teamed up with the prestigious Spinach Records crew to seek out new opportunities and room for improvements.

He has also held residencies at Cork and Screw (Kodel) and Bibliotheque during the year 2010 - 2011 and played in most current major clubs in Indonesia such as Dragonfly, Blowfish, Immigrant, Domain, Hu'u (Bali), Liquid (Jogjakarta), Embassy (Jogjakarta), and Retro (Medan). Shawn has spun alongside with some of the international talent such as Dennis Ferrer, Karizma, Colette, Oliver Twizt, Vandalism, Tim Sweeney, and Sandy Rivera. Also he was nominated for Paranoia Awards 2009 as Best Rookie of The Year.

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