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VJ Alter Ego
VJ Alter Ego started his VJing back in 2006 in Bandung and formerly established a visual graphic team named "Tinkerbell Graphics" also known as Tinkerbell VJ.

By combining disciplines in video, art, and
Motion graphics, he mixes his performance through his MacBook Pro with sselected softwares such as arkaos VJ,Grand VJ, Resolume Avenue, VDMX, and Motion Dive Tokyo.

In 2007, he participate in the first VJ competition held in Jakarta “Visual nation” followed
By his achievement into final and it was his 3rd VJ performance in his early time.

In 2009 Alter Ego recruited by one of the top EDM scene management and promoter "SOUND SYNDICATED" as one of their VJs.

he also took part in VJ-ing for world's finest DJs such as Armin Van Buuren, Matthew Dekkay, Abel Ramos, Dave Seaman, Sander van doorn, Richard Durand, along with Big Name VJs such as Kyle Lyons, Ne1co (vj anyone), Visual Surgery (Libremotion) VJ Mocco, Stormtroopers, The Global Port, Chainsmoking Bastard, Isha hening, Digital hallucination, VJ 60Hz, VJ Raphael, VJ Lostsiska, and many others

Outside VJing, alter ego also concentrate as a graphic designer and motion graphic artist for events and broadcast purposes.

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    Rendy kurus! :p
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    adhieVS seremmmmmmmmm.....the best VJ kalau kaya ginimah...
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