VJ Mutter
Mutter666motion a.k.a Richard Mutter start clicking the visual for the dance scene @ Tech-Noize 1 at Studio-East Bandung in early 2004.
It was Minnie Adjie that “push” Richard to do the visual with 1 live cd of a techno DJ as a reference. Without any clue what it gonna be & how to play it, in 6 days Richard made about 30 loops of visual in 9 blank cd’s & just play it with 2 dvd player & 1 video selector.
after that, visual-jockey just drowned Muttermotion into the pulse of video loop deeper & deeper.
Derrick May at Hard-Rock Café Bali and Jakarta Movement 2004 (visual for Ardi Pite & Electronic Groove) is the Second & third Experience for Muttermotion.
Tsunami Rave Party at Ancol 17th December 2004 is one of the unforgettable moment and the Carlsberg Club Tour Bali 2004 is really gave a lesson to Muttermotion about how a visual can lift-up & hold the crowd. Jakarta Movement 2005 also the big rave is the mutter’s history.
With a drumming experience with Pas Band (4 album – Aquarius Musikindo) and musical video-clip and skateboard movie directing experience, it made Muttermotion ‘easily’ blend to the beat of what DJ’s play. Techno, Progressive & Trance is what Muttermotion really love to loop with, but Hip-Hop is another visual challenge in Muttermotion mind. Together with elektra666 Muttermotion spread the visual fantasy & experience in club and outdoor party around Nation..

VJ’graphy Highlite:

Tech-Noize! Elektra666 Series Program:
Studio East Bandung early 2004
CO2 Jakarta 4th Sep 2004 *win the best Paranoia techno-nite 04
Fluid Jakarta 26th March 2005
Amare Bandung 22nd April 2005
Macphisto Bandung 23th April 2005

Carlsberg Fever Bali Club Tour December 2004:
17th Dec Liquid, 8th Dec Rumours, 18th Dec Apache Bar, 22nd Dec Bounty Ship,
23rd Dec Kamasutra, 24th Dec Hard Rock Café, 24th Dec Jazz Café Ubud,
25th Dec Hu’u Bar, 25th Dec Double six club.

Carlsberg Fever Jakarta Bali Club Tour July – August 2005:
MannaHouse, Fluid, Blowfish, Fashion Bar
Kama Sutra, Doublesix, Hard Rock Café, Hu’u Bar

DERRICK MAY Hard Rock Café Bali 15th Agt. 2004
JAK-MOV 2004 Ancol, Jakarta 7th Agt. 2004
Thursday Kickin Ass Hard Rock Café, Jkt 30th Sept. 2004
Sander Kleinenberg Stadium 2004
TSUNAMI rave Ancol, Jakarta 17th Dec 2004
RAVELEKTRA Parangtritis, Yogya 4th Dec 2004
One Love / Ardi Pite Utopia Lounge, Jakarta.
One Love / DJ RIM Utopia Lounge, Jakarta.
HIP HOP SHOCK Stroom, Medan 29th April 2005
DJ NATION TJ’s Club, Yogya 15th April 2005
HOUSE LEGEND Rim Vs Anton Fluid, Jakarta March 2005
TRANCENATION Fluid, Jakarta 1st April 2005
CALIFORNIA REUNION Fluid, Jakarta March 2005
COLORS DANCE OUT outdoor, Surabaya (busted!)
CREAM by Jakarta Movement Ancol 2005
Main stage
Jakarta Movement 2005 Ancol 2005
Main stage
ELEKTRA666 FLUID, Jakarta 30 Sept 2005
HEDONISM NYE ‘05 Amare, Bandung 31 Dec 2005

CARLSBERG Promotional Branding TVC loop.
SAN MIGUELS Promotional Branding TVC loop.

Independent Movie:
• Homie Lonely Horny Video
Pas Band Home Video | VCD | 1999
• Indonesian Skateboard Documentary For The Hommies
Skateboard movie | VCD | 2000
• Last Trick
Indonesian Skateboard Competition Documentary | never release |
• Quiksilver Bus-Tour 2002
Indonesian Quiksilver Skateboard team movie | VCD | 2003

Musical History:
• Drummer for PAS BAND
4 album released by Aquarius Musikindo
1. Four Through The Sap | 1994
2. In(no)sensation | 1996
3. IndiVduality | 1997
4. Psycho ID | 1999

• Additional Recording Drummer for:
Nugie, Vessel, Air.

• Indonesian Best drummer at Log Zelebour Rock Festival 1992
• Nominated as best rookie 2005 @ Paranoia Awards 2006
• Nominated as VJ of the year @ ravelex REDMA awards 2006

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