ACID 029

VJ Raphael
Raphael Donny a.k.a VJ Dontknee a.k.a. The Departure a.k.a. VJ Raphael is a graphic designer and visual artist. He is currently based in Jogja. Under ACID 029 management label. He performs as a visual jockey at rave party and some of the hottest venues and clubs the capital has to offer such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and much more, He had the pleasure in working with some of the worlds finest DJs. Raphael Donny uses a mix of graphic creations, live footage and video clips. He believes that anything and everything is visual and can be used for vjing , this represents the style and feel of the music being generated at the club nights. In 2002, Raphael Donny started vjing at Safir Cafe Jogjakarta. He started use "VJ Dont Knee” as his personal performers name and for residential VJ at TJ’s Club for couple years later. According to the regulation that he should brought the club name every times He perform during inside or outside gigs, He decided to make different name to express his work just by using, “VJ Raphael” and “Modus Operandi” [as duo VJ performers with Antares]. In 2005, Raphael Donny started “The Departure” for his other visual jockey performers, with this name He wanted to have no boundary and no limitation for the way to express oneself artistically performance that may talk to one's mind directly, yet subliminally. Its all about a sense for aesthetics of the art. Raphael Donny seek their own ways to express their artistic and intuitive visual world that to result them to become experienced high skilled VJ performers. As you already know, Raphael Donny are always standing at the front line with his performance and creating work with After Effect. His ambition also lead to accept the fore front technology usage of the latest equipment such as, Edirol video mixer, Kramer matrix, DVD player etc, for get the best result of his performance possible.

Achievments :
- REDMA 2010 VJ Of The Year (along with VJ LostSiska)

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