RIP Stadium Club Jakarta

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Stadium is officially closed for good.

So there goes the only one Underground Club that leftover.
Its been 14 years since my 1st spun in there, its my second home to me. The news is breaking my heart....  :'(

So long legendary club, you are gone but NOT forgotten!

Hands Down, Hats off to Stadium!
DJ Deny
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Closed for good? Is it mean that will re-open under new name or something, om? *Masih berharap..
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Thank you Stadium Jakarta for all the memories! Thank you for giving us the chance to see the best djs in the business, thank you for taking the risk and fighting for underground music. Best club management I've ever known, family atmosphere resident djs.

Thank you Pak Bobby for all the hard work and opportunities you've given to every dj that has gotten the privilege to spin there. Legends are made and not born, and you have made a legend out of this nightclub.

Stadium name will live on and lucky for us who have the privilege to experience it. Stuff of legends....  *bgs*
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Rip std
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bad news one ...
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sad news,,

it's like end of an era

too bad...

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Still remembered when my mom told me:

"Don't drink mineral water when you hang out in Stadium! Bandit will think that you're using inex". Well, now it's closed due to its case!

So sad, and my mom was sad too.  ;D


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