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GROOVE ARMADA raid the vaults of their back catalogue on a new compilation celebrating ten years in the music biz. 'GA10 - 10 Year Story' arrives in stores this month.

These days Groove Armada's Tom Findlay and Andy Cato are known for their crossover pop dance hits such as 'Superstylin' and this year's 'Get Down', but back in 1997 it was actually the downtempo cut 'At the River' which first switched audiences onto the pair.

Following last month's unmixed 'Greatest Hits' collection, the pair bring their clubbier grooves and chill-out past together again on a new mix CD, the 2CD set 'GA - 10 Year Story'. Disc one is billed as an uptempo retrospective mixed by Findlay featuring cuts from their most electronic and latest studio album 'Soundboy Rock', a new remix of 'Easy' as well as a live version of 'Superstylin'. Cato takes on the pair's downtempo catalogue on disc two, stitching together more chill-out fare such as 'Paris' and 'Lazy Moon' as well as their remix of Language Lab's 'Burning Disaster'.


CD1 Uptempo: Mixed by Tom Findlay

1. Eazy (GA’s Deep Shelf revisit)
2. Love Sweet Sound
3. Save my Soul (Live Acid remix)
4. Lightsonic (Re-rub)
5. Song 4 Mutya
6. I See You Baby (Original)
7. Chicago
8. Feel The Same As You (Japanese version)
9. Cuba by Black Island (GA remix)
10. Get Down (Alternative club edit)
11. Final Shakedown
12. Lovebox (Interlude)
13. Drop that Panel
14. Superstylin'

CD2 Downtempo: Mixed by Andy Cato

1. Remember
2. Think Twice
3. Blue Skies
4. Edge Hill
5. Tuning In (Re-edit)
6. Lazy Moon
7. Dusk You and Me
8. Little By Little (Edit)
9. Paris
10. Language Lab Burning Disaster (GA mix)
11. Drifted (Re-edit)
12. What’s Your Version
13. Hands Of Time
14. At The River (Presence Mix)

'GA10 – 10 Year Story' is released on Columbia on November 12, 2007.


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