Master at Work - Duo Kenny Dope Gonzales & Little Louie Vega (Soulful House)

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This interview with Master at work ( Kenny Dope & Louie Vega) is taken from Ilford recorder Thursday 23rd Feb 2006. when Master at work visited London.

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Master at work are the heavyweight DJ/producers of soulful house and the powers behind the celebrated NUYORICAN soul project
Their SOUL HEAVEN brand is signed to Defected Records and the pair are about to release a compilation of the same name.

Where do you call home? where didi u grow up?
KD : I am originally from Sunset Park in Broklyn but now live in New Jersey.
LV:  I was brought up in the Bronx, New York.

What did you really want to be when u grew up?
LV : I always wanted to fly planes. But I started DJing at age 13, so it's always been part of my life.

Where did you play your 1st gig, and where did you really learn your craft?
KD: My 1st gig was at St. Michael's Church. Then, during junior high school, I had a friend whose cousin had a set that I used to play around with it. As i grew up, other kids on the block had set-ups that I'd mess around with it.
LV: My early gigs were high shool jams at Stevenson High School in the Bronx. My sister threw parties as well and owned a hair salon. Thay was where everyone bought tickets. I used to rent a halls like the local YMCA, with another friend named John Rivera ( who now is one of the biggest promoters in NYC).

Who was responsible for helping to create your style and who are your influences?
KD: On the hip-hop side it would be Marley Marl and on the house side, Todd Terry. I learned a lot from watching him do his beats early on in his career.
I was into hip0hop and so when i got into house music. That's why my beats have always been very edgy.
LV: Larry Levan, Tony Humpries, Bruce Forest, Jellybean, David Mamcuso, DJ Raul, Jazzy Jay, Grandmaster Flash, Africa Bambaataa, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Francois K, Timmy Regisford.

When did Master At Work begin?
LV: Kenny and I met through a mutual friend,Todd Terry. It was '89 and I was already in the game for 5 years. Kenny had made a track where he sampled Celia Cruz and Sylvester, which I really liked. Todd said he knew Kenny and introduced us.

Where in the world is your favourite palce to be?
KD: To chill, it has to be Miami during Winter Music Conference. There are so many of my friends who are there so it's good to hang out with them. And to DJ, Naples in Italy because the crowd is so alive.

What job did you do before involved in music?
LV: I worked in pet shop with many animals.

What are you passions in life outside music?
KD: There is no other passion for me.
LV: I really love to be with my wife and son. Spending time with them is precious.(aaaaahhh so sweet..)

what things do you collect?
KD: Records and Sneakers.
LV: I collect art, records, CDs and hats.

Where do you get your motivation,is there anything in particular that inspires you?
KD: When I feel people's negative energy, Ifeed off that. That's when I do my best work, when people are hating or acting stupid.
LV: I get motivation in many ways. Through my collection of music, an artist performing or it could be a night in playing music.

What is it about your production style make different than other duo?
LV: The fact that we have brought different elements of music into house music separates us. African, jazz, latin, soul, R&B, Gospel, Afrocuban, Brazilian, world, and hip-hop are forms of music we have brought into the dance music scene.

What is the most amazing DJ experience that you had together?
LV: Anytime we play together its magical! But one of the best experiences was putting together the NUYORICAN Soul Experience in the studio and live. An amazing DJ experience would be at tour MAW Records party in Miami in 2000 at our 10th anniversary party.

What irritates you about being famous?
LV: I never really considered myself famous. The travelling is really tough, that's probably the hardest part of it all.

What have you achieved with the new compilation that is different from the other mixes you have done?
KD: This compilation was made to capture the essence and atmoshere, musically, of our Soul Heaven brand.
The feeling of Soul Heaven night is what we were looking for. You could never capture that on one CD because our sets are five hours and up.

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Hopefully..after you read this interview ..there will be Indonesian DJ who can create new kind of music base on Indonesian music without  forgeting the real Culture of Indonesia..and where you from...


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techno is more old fashioned as it has not advanced or progressed much since 1995 the nuyorican sound is fresh vibrant and uplifting not music for druggies.

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techno is more old fashioned as it has not advanced or progressed much since 1995 the nuyorican sound is fresh vibrant and uplifting not music for druggies.
buat komunitas nya techno sih nggak old fashioned bu!!!

maaf ye sok teuuu hahahahah

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vega records juga sub labelnya MAW tuh....

IMO... lil louie rocks! musiknya bener2 luas... from deep,jazz,latin,minimal,gospel,funk,break,hiphop,electro ada semua... gokil!

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Yoi sob... MAW is the best menurut kita.. so guys , yang suka juga.. ketemuan yuks.. bikin even gitu.. thanks


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