Save Room Recordings 005 – Rob Salmon 'The Drive Home EP'

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Save Room Recordings 005 – Rob Salmon 'The Drive Home EP' :)

Out now on www.beatport.com/ www.whatpeopleplay.com/ www.junodownload.com!


The release contains two incredible tracks, both with a decent hook
and bouncing groove, that are just 100% pure House Music and are as
fresh as up to date club sound comes these days.
An absolute maginifcent interpretation of 'The Drive Home' comes from
young and highly talented, already Save Room signed Artist and lil'
bro of Florian, Mr. Benjamin Kruse.
We are more than happy to present Rob's latest strike on Save Room
Recordings (SRR005) and hope you enjoy this package as much as we do.

Best wishes
Nils & Florian


DJ Feedback:

“Drive Home” and the Remix are the ones for here, nice chords, looking forward to play!
Dave DK (Playhouse/ Moodmusic/ Berlin)

I love your original 'The Drive Home' and 'Hold Tight',
deep and smooth synth with strong groove!
I played 'Drive Home' last weekend:)
Satoshi Fumi (Urbantorque/ Yoshitoshi/ Tokyo)

Love 'Hold Tight', I'm a sucker for hot stabs like that:)
Simon Flower (Pokerflat/ Curl Curl/ NZ)

Full support, cool tracks......
Mirko Eysser (Dimmer/Force Sense/ Germany)

Awesome!!  loving these tunes, thank you!
Jamie Stevens (Infusion/Audio Therapy/ Melbourne)

Wow...quite an intriguing fusion of house and techno here - Hold Tight almost juggling the two in quite an unorthadox fashion. Unique stuff; Hold Tight is most definitely my pick here - a timely mix of references of contemporary sounds and conventions...solid dance-floor stuff...
Deepchild (Freerange/ Dieb Audio)

Excellent release!!!! Nice variety across the mixes and nice 
production  overall. My pick is the Benjamin Kruse remix! Def my kinda 
Stel (Dieb Audio / Audio Therapy/ Greece)

Benjamin Kruse remix is fantastic, I play.Thank you very much for the link.
Have a good weekend :)
Phileas Funk (The After Radio Show/ France)

danke für die promo.the drive home original und benjamin kruse remix gefallen mir super. wird gespielt :)
Dualton (Cologne/ Germany)

I like "The Drive Home" and the remix sounds good too.
Burchan (NYC)

"I was just listening ... to the Rob Salmon promo from Save Room; the Benjamin Kruse rework I imagine would work best for me. The big off time clap and insistent rolling bass get me jumping around!
Audio Soul Project (Nrk/ Fresh Meat/ Chicago)

Good work man.. "Hold Tight" 8/10
I like your groove.. all support bro !
DJ Rork (Stalwart/Radio FG /Paris)

Thanks the Kruse mix is the best out of these for me.
Shur-I-Khan (Freerange/ London)

Dig the new EP man, 'Hold Tight' is well tight ;)
Adam Jace (Plastic City/ Thug/ Australia)

Full support cool tracks and Benjamin Kruse remix (Bombastic); )
Ciro Vesuviano (Slip N Slide/ Germany)


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