Shur-i-kan ..June, 9 2007 at Shuttle 4 @ Big Chill House

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Shur-i-kan aka Tom Szirtes is a highly respected producer in the independant music scene. His blend of musicality and dance floor sensibilities mean that his productions are in demand by many of the leading house record labels such as Freerange, NRK, Tronic Sole, Z Records, Slip & Slide and Strictly Rhythm.

After several years of playing keyboards in numerous jazz, funk and rock bands around London, Tom was discovered by legendary producer Tom Middleton who released his debut track "Niomi's Dream" on the now seminal Jedi's Night Out compilation.

Tom is a favourite and long time contributor to Jimpster's Freerange Records label - a relationship that started with the distinctly jazzy album "Advance" (2001) that caught the ears of luminaries such as LTJ Bukem, Mixmaster Morris and Pete Lawerence of Big Chill. The more dancey follow-up album "Waypoints" (2004) cemented Tom's reputation as a producer to watch for.

2006 has been a major milestone for Shur-i-kan with a string of EP releases such as Living Inside (remixed by Mike Monday) and Future Fantasy, I Want It, Finding Goa and Special Powers (collaborations with deep house don Milton Jackson), Underground Soul and remixes for the likes of Dave Lee, Trackheadz and Milton Jackson. Tom also DJs around the world and rocks crowds from Moscow to Tokyo, USA and back.

This only tells one half of the story however, Tom's love of hip-hop started as a producer on HKB:Finn's (of Katch 22) award winning album Vitalistiks back in 2003 and has developed as he now collaborates with several state side based acts as well as working with legendary label BBE and good friends and collegues D'Nell. Tom has also spent a stint working with the infamous improvisional dance super group The Bays and also part of Tom Middleton's Amba project.

2007 should be an exciting year with yet more quality house releases, the fruits of the hip-hop collaborations coming of age and perhaps a new long player.

For DJ bookings please send me a message on myspace.




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Canggih nih Shur-I-Kan..gue ada vinylnya yg Future Fantasy EP.Ga ada yg mau datengin dia ya kesini?hehehe ;D
dia join di label freerabge gak sih ?

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coba cek deh bbrp track nya joey negro yg di remix sm shur i kan....keren deh
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