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Worldwide available now!!

"DJ Deny - Positive Domination EP"

Including all remixes from Faskil, Chris M, Junko, DJ Dimitri


Bagong Digital (The 45MF Group)


"After many years of people requesting releases from DJ Deny that originally made in 2007, Finally here it is: "Positive Domination EP", The ultimate pack for progressive fans. This is a hypnotic, textured and highly addictive progressive house that made in heaven. Big plucking strings in the breakdown make us melt in from the speakers, Epic pianos and symphonic chords in the chorus explode into surging progressive melody that'll floor your crowd all through 2011 and the trademark driving elements sends us spinning all the way. Massive remix package that includes all kind of prog versions including from the biggest Indonesian names like Junko whose delivering more trancy and electro-ish side of this tune, Chris M who's always bringing you his dark & driving signature mix that always managed to fill the dancefloor primetime, DJ Dimitri with an incredible lush summer chillout ambient mix that simply shimmers out the sound system and also a superb remix comes from French's #1 progressive producer Faskil, ripping into a metallic progressive monster remix that just demands to be played on a big venue system at peak time. MAKE ROOM IN THE CHARTS!"

And also this release already received some great feedback & supports from world top names such as: Sander Kleinenberg, Faskil, Darin Epsilon, Jerome Isma-Ae, Matan Caspi

Some of the feedbacks:

Darin Epsilon: "Faskil's Positive Reconstruction remix is the one for me. Nice work from Deny!"   

Matan Caspi: "Great release here, Faskil's Mix is rockin"

Faskil: "Nice EP overall, was glad to be part of it! :)"   

Available now on Beatport & every other download stores worldwide. Grab your copies now on one of this links below:

http://beatport.com/s/r1sV5t #Beatport
http://itun.es/i674y6 #iTunes
http://www.junodownload.com/products/positive-domination-ep/1727862-02/ #Junodownload
http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/Dj+Deny/Positive+Domination+EP/Bagong+Digital/3743529 #DJDownload
http://www.djtunes.com/dj-deny/positive-domination-ep #DJTunes

Stop piracy & save our local tracks!!!!

Keep it Loud & Underground


Head Of A&R (THE 45MF GROUP)

*tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan*
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Congratulation om Deny & Bagong Digital! yg Faskil Gokil punyaa!!  *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan*  *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs*
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*bgs* *bgs* *tepuktangan* yeahhhh!!
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gokill niiiih..... *tepuktangan* ,    covernya kereeeeeen  ;D ;)
mantavv kovernyah pasti yg bikin doyan resepsi...:P
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gokill niiiih..... *tepuktangan* ,    covernya kereeeeeen  ;D ;)
mantavv kovernyah pasti yg bikin doyan resepsi...:P

ahahaha afuuu ...doyan resepsi.....emang gw wedding crasher


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