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pgn barter MIDI CONTROLLER NOVATION REMOTE ZERO SL 49 sama yg 25.. ada yg berminat??
alesannya : stlh pindah tmpt, meja'nya gak cukup..


TV ROCK (Australia)

For the past 4 years TV ROCK have set the benchmark in Australia for dance music, selling over 250,000 singles and picking up 2 ARIA awards in the process. Their debut single ‘Flaunt It’ spent the longest time in Australian chart history inside the top 10 beating Silverchair for the honour. Their singles have also appeared on over 2,000,000 compilations sold around the world.
TV ROCK is made up by dance heavyweights Grant Smillie and Ivan Gough. In recent months in addition to destroying dancefloors in Australia and Asia the TV ROCKERS have played to millions closing the Australian MTV Music Awards and travelling the world playing gigs.

The TV ROCK team have been hectic in the studio working on new tunes- their most recent offereing ‘Been A Long Time’ feat Rudy picked up by Axwell’s label ‘Axtone’ with the label Don lending his hand to a remix in addition to the Laidback Luke mix that was smashed by David Guetta, Pete Tong, Erick Morillo and Roger Sanchez to name but a few.
The next TV ROCK single ‘Happiness’ is due out October 2008 with hot remixes from Nari & Milani and Eddie Thoneik. The boys remixing duties in previous months include Depeche Mode, Laidback Luke, The DONS & Tom Stephan to name but a few with a host of new mixes dropping in late 2008. Good friends with Dirty South, the guys are back in the studio together in November and also are currently collaborating with Rudy again for a follow up to ‘Been A Long Time’.
TV ROCK have held 8 1 positions for their remixes on the Australian dance charts, had an essential new tune and multiple plays on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection and radio plays throughout Europe and the US. After rocking the great Southern land, TV ROCK recently headed to Europe again to continue to spread the word. There they collaborated with Dave Spoon and Laidback Luke- A new tune to look out for early 09 with Luke is on the way. The TV ROCKERS record label recently had the 1 beatport position for Finally and there is more coming from the label perspective.- It’s no wonder TV ROCK were listed as ones to watch in 2008 by iDJ



It’s  funny but people  tend  to be a bit down on poor old Belgium,  full  of  boring  bureaucrats  in  suits  banning  our fucking sausages. Well here’s one good reason to get excited  about  Belgium  –  Spirit  Catcher.

Jean  Vanesse  and Thomas Sohet, are amongst one of the best producers in dance music right now, a description we don’t use lightly.

Their excellent debut artist album Night Vision is testament to  this  status,  becoming  album  of  the  issue  in  many leading dance magazine around the world. Both have a diversity of experience  to bring  to  the  table and a wide variety of  influences. Both cite Kings of  Jazz, Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones through to classic 80s boogie sounds of Zapp, Prince and Chic/Nile Rogers and on to the sounds of Detroit techno pioneers such as Juan Atkins and Derrick May as major forces in their own produc- tions.  In  terms of experience both have been  involved  in making music from an early age in different ways. Jean’s father  is  a  sound  engineer,  so  naturally  he  lived  around
studios, constantly meeting musicians and singers. At  the age of 12 he had his first drum lesson and a few years later he began experimenting with analog synths  releasing his first  record  at  the  tender  age  of  17.  Since  finishing  his degree in sound engineering Jean opened his own professional recording studio in 2000.

Our  genius  keyboard  player  Thomas  on  the  other  hand worked his way through the musical ranks playing in various Belgium funk bands, gigging all over the country. He also works  for a  sound design company and assisted on  the production of  the Monsters  Inc video game and  several other commercials and record projects. These guys have become one of Europe's most exciting production partnerships and live acts since they began 9 years ago. In that time they’ve clocked up the impressive list  of  labels  that  they’ve  worked  for  and  seem  to  have become everyone’s favourite remixer, sprinkling their deep future disco sounds over a list of artists as long as your arm.
As well as a prolific output, Jean and Thomas also have a fierce live show, which, like their album, has its roots in the origins  of  electronic music,  using  a  classic midi  dance music  set-up  using  a  mixing  desk,  effects  and  live keyboards. Although they are best known for their rocking live  shows,  Spirit Catcher  knows  how  to do  it behind  the decks too - as you will hear on their 'Coast to Coast' compilation on NRK which is out at the beginning of March 2009.


Spirit Catcher “Lazerbeams EP” (Silver Network-2003)
Spirit Catcher “Voo Doo Knight”  (Moodmusic-2004)
Spirit Catcher “Between Brothers EP” (Polyphonics reco
Spirit Catcher “Dirty Circuit” (Missive-2004)
Spirit Catcher “Night Walker EP” (Silver Network-2004)
Spirit Catcher “Key Generator/Code Breaker” (Moodm
Spirit Catcher “Headliner EP” (Silver Network-2005)
Spirit Catcher “Outer Space EP” (Winding Road-2005
Spirit Catcher “Rise&Shine” (Rotax-2006)
Spirit Catcher “Fission Trips EP” (Winding Road-2006)
Spirit Catcher “Sweet Deal/Time Emulator” (2020 Visio
Spirit Catcher “Harmonize/Night Vision” (2020 Vision-2
Spirit Catcher “Brain candy EP” (NRK-2008)
Spirit Catcher “Mastermind EP” (2020 Vision-2008)
Spirit Catcher “High Control EP” (Systematic-2008)


Spirit Catcher “Night Vision” (2020 Vision-2007) CD/LP
Harmonized Session Mixed by Spirit Catcher (Irma records/Japan-2008) CD
Coast2Coast Mixed By Spirit Catcher - CD compilation NRK March 2009

Selected Remixes

Silver City “Another Dimension” Spirit Catcher Main mix + Other view mix (2020 V
Offshore Funk “Mega Bit Me” Spirit Catcher Way of life mix (Kanzleramt-2005)
ALB “CV209” Spirit Catcher remix (Rise-2005)
Satoshi Tomiie “Glow” Spirit Catcher remix (SAW – 2006)
Compuphonic “Placid Corporation” Spirit Catcher ’s Deadline mix (Dirty Dancing
Esoterik “Starwaves” Spirit Catcher ’s Time Modulator mix (Freerange-2006)
Phonique “What I Play” Spirit Catcher ’s on the Heap mix (Simple-2006)
Prudo “Ancora No” Spirit Catcher retooling mix (Dirt Crew-2006)
2020 Soundsystem “Grey Clouds” Spirit Catcher Gated Mind mix (2020 Vision-20
Anil Chawla “Purple Fruit” Spirit Catcher Jammin&straight line mixes (Twisted Freq
lija Rudman “Closer Dancer” Spirit Catcher remix (Red Music-2006)
Scratch Massive “Shining in my vein” Spirit Catcher remix (Nocturne-2006)
Alex Flatner “The Voice feat Deafny Moon” Spirit Catcher ’s re-interpretation (Circl
M-Swift “Fantasy” Spirit Catcher remix+Dub (Irma Records/Japan-2007)
Tim Fuller “Show me Right” Spirit Catcher remix (Bombay Records-2007)
The Spirals “Without Control” Spirit Catcher Goes to infinity Remix (Drakroomdubs
Ken Ishii “Sunriser” Spirit Catcher Other View Mix (70 Drums-2008)
Essenvee “Head Down” Spirit Catcher Interpretation Mix (Rebirth-2008)
Willy Baxter “Slope” Spirit Catcher Remix (OMG Recordings-2009)
Vas Floyd “Kiss The World Away” Spirit Catcher Remix (Night Drive Music 2009)


NORMAN JAY MBE (United Kingdom)

Louis Vega of MAW - years before most of them had ever been heard of in the UK.

Inspired by what he'd seen and experienced on that inaugural trip - Jay decided there and then to take his deejaying career more seriously.

Upon his return to the uk - he then teamed up with his brother JOEY and built the now legendary GOOD TIMES SOUND SYSTEM - where he embarked upon a mission to fulfill a long held childhood ambition to play at the infamous NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL - where he played FUNK, SOUL and DISCO (something completey unheard of in those days). This he did in the face of fierce opposition and considerable hostility to his initial efforts. His dogged determination to succeed saw him eventually triumph - ultimately winning him critical acclaim from his peers and fans in the process.

Pirate Radio Kiss FM...

His reputation as an underground deejay of some repute began to grow rapidly. By now he was attracting crowds of up to several thousand people whenever he played out at one of his huge itinerant (and illegal) warehouse parties. This led to an invitation from old London dj pal Gordon Mac to start up their own pirate radio station which they called KISS (after it's New York namesake). Completely untrained in any aspect of broadcasting - he nervously presented his very first 'live' radio show the day after the station debuted on the capital's airwaves back in October 1985. The rest, as they say, is radio history.

Because of the genuine respect he was afforded by fellow club and radio deejays alike - he became the catalyst for attracting the likes of emerging London dj's like Coldcut's Jonathon More and Matt Black, Soul II Soul's Jazzie B, Dr. Bob Jones, Danny Rampling, Talkin Loud's Giles Peterson and MTV's Trevor 'The Lick' Nelson (and many more) to join the newly created pirate station. Like Jay, few, (if any) had had any previous radio experience before being recruited by Norman to join the fledgeling station. All have gone on to become household names in dance culture over the years - including his original partner and protege - the ubiquitous 'Judge' Jules - who's nickname Jay is also credited with coining.

Rare Groove...

It was this initial deejay partnership formed in 1986 which led directly to the emergence of the cult late 80's 'rare groove' scene - a term coined by Norman after his now legendary saturday afternoon radio show - 'The Original Rare Groove Show' on Kiss 94fm (as it was then). Affectionately known as the 'GODFATHER' - his much vaunted Shake 'n' Fingerpop party crew - along with Judge Jules' Family Funktion collective were among the leading purveyors of this funky new underground dance phenomenon sweeping London and the home counties - playing a mainly urban soundtrack from the 70's and 80's mixing it up with the best of what was then - a brand new sound coming out of Chicago and New York - namely - the sound of HOUSE music.

They were amongst the first British deejays to champion this new US music style to their huge eager young audiences. Together - they were responsible for the first and largest warehouse parties ever staged in London up to that time - preceding the acid house explosion by some three years - creating a huge impression on - and indeed inspiring many of - today's leading British deejays and club promoters.

High On Hope...

The Nineties dawned and it was time for Jay to seek new musical challenges. On September 1st, 1990 - he hosted the very first legal broadcast on KISS 100fm (as it became known) after they won their legal licence. He was responsible for co-establishing the very first 'Paradise Garage' style club in Britain called 'High On Hope' with ex partner Patrick Lilley - playing a spiritually inspired mix of deep US house mixed with original disco classics.

He was also responsible for introducing - then unknown US deejays and artists such as Tony Humphries, Marshall Jefferson, Blaze, Ten City, Adeva and Louis Vega (MAW) to the UK for the first time ever (another first). He again was responsible for reviving interest in - and in some instances was responsible for - kick starting the careers in the uk of original US dance divas such as Jocelyn Brown, Chaka Khan, Sharon Redd, Loleatta Holloway, Kim Myzelle, En Vogue and Gwen Guthrie - finally helping secure for them the uk recognition he felt they richly deserved. All regularly apeared at his ground breaking club to rapturous acclaim every time.

The 'Talkin Loud' Years: 1989 - 93

By now Jay's achievements had seen him become a much respected icon on the UK dance scene. He was headhunted by Polygram Records to launch a new label called Talkin Loud with close friend and fellow deejay Gilles Peterson - signing amongst others - the likes of talented uk singer/songwriters Omar, Bryan Powell, Young Disciples, Galliano and Incognito. After four successful years - and many more happy years at Kiss - he decided it was time to quit both and pursue his first love - deejaying.

International DJ...

With the global rise in interest in UK deejay and dance culture, Jay has once again found his niche being extremely popular with a new generation of dance fans around the world. He regularly plays at a host of clubs, festivals and parties worldwide. Whether it's playing upfront disco fuelled funky house in the nations main rooms and festivals or his much vaunted old skool jazzfunk, hip hop or chilled out beats in the back, he still manages to inject his rich musical heritage and quality in every set he plays. Whilst being amongst one of the most popular and credible contemporary deejays in the country today, he is also regularly cited as a major influence by a host of leading deejays and players worldwide who refer to him quite simply as 'The deejay's DJ'.

With increasing deejaying commitments around the world - including regular dj tours to countries such as Australia, USA, China, Japan, SE Asia, South Africa, South America, Russia and the Middle East - playing an eclectic mix of black and dance music - Norman has precious little time to do much else these days. He has also played in just about every major city in Europe - being one of the first ever British deejays to do so.

Apart from the punishing deejay schedule, he was again voted club DJ of the year 96/97 by Blues & Soul magazine and is the only DJ featured in the Face magazine's book of club culture extracts from 1980-1997 called "Nightfever" and in 1998 Norman was a nominee for the Best Radio Personality category in GQ magazine's annual Men Of The Year Awards.


In January 2004 he made clubbing history by becoming the first ever DJ - direct from the 'streets' to be invited to appear as a panellist on the nation's most prestigeous and celebrated long running political debating forum; BBC Question Time. In June 2003, he was specially invited to deejay for the family and guests at the French international and Arsenal soccer star Thierry Henry's wedding.

He is without doubt the deejay of choice of the rich and famous 'celebrity set'. He has played for the likes of Mick Jagger (now Sir Mick of course) at his exclusive 5Oth birthday party - Robert Di Nero, Michael Caine, George Michael, Will Smith, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Jamiroquai (who affectionately calls him the 'Godfather'), Paul Weller (who has been quoted as saying that Jay is his favourite dj), comedian Lenny Henry (who reputedly modelled his pirate radio deejay TV character on Jay).

Others include top fashion designers Dolce & Gabanna, Vivienne Westwood, Katherine Hamnett, Gaultier, Tommy Hilfiger and an exclusive MTV party at Pierre Cardin's magnificent space age villa overlooking the Mediterranean - located high up in the hills outside Cannes in the South of France. All the above have partied wildly to a funky Norman Jay set.

He is also often invited to play at the most prestigeous UK film premieres - including 101 Dalmations, Judge Dred, Enemy Of The State, East Is East - and most recently - at the launch of movie giant Samuel L. Jackson's (one of his favourite actors) 51st State. He also presided over the decks at the multi million pound launch of Sky TV's new digital satalite cable channel at London's Battersea Power Station.

Corporate entertainment...

Numerous international brands have also seen the benefit of utilisng Norman's distinctive musical style for their tv ad campaigns and in-house Xmas/anniversary parties. Among them Virgin Atlantic, whose long haul passengers have been enjoying his bespoke in-flight radio shows for many years now as have travellers on their UK sister company Virgin Trains. His musical talents have also been utilised for marketing campaigns for global brands such as Vodafone, Saatchi & Saatchi, Debenhams, Hennes and Mauritz (H&M), Seagrams, Discovery Channel, Vodafone, Interbrew (Boddingtons, Bass, Stella Artois, etc), Playboy Int, Nintendo, Clarks shoes, Gas Jeans and prestigeous UK lifestyle brands such as Ben Sherman and Fred Perry.

Good Times: The Film...

He was the first ever British dj to be invited to play at the celebrated Cannes Film Festival - and in recognition of his lifelong deejaying achievements and involvement in club culture - Jay himself was the subject of a full length documentary style film. 'Good Times - The Film' is a semi autobiographical and anectdotal account of the man - his music - and his influence on British club culture - directed by London based independent film maker Terry Walshe. It uses rare archive footage from Good Times - documenting Jay's early struggles to follow his musical passion and fulfill his deejaying dreams.

It highlights his influence on - and his importance to - the modern dance scene as we know it today since he embarked on his illustrious deejay career back in the early eighties. With talking head interviews with fellow peer group deejays and former club promoters including Judge Jules, Soul II Soul's Jazzie B and MTV's Trevor Nelson and Faith magazine's Terry Farley - all of whom citing Jay as having more than a measure influence on their respective deejaying careers - the film follows the deejay icon on his global jaunts from Africa to America and the Big Chill to Notting Hill Carnival. The film then concludes with fantastic footage of Norman presiding over his beloved Good Times hoardes at Carnival 2000.

After a low key big screen premiere in London back in November 2001, 'Good Times - the Film' then went on to completely sell out its initial two week launch screening at both London's prestigeous and independantly owned arthouse cinemas - the Curzon  in Soho and the Ritzy in Brixton. Something completely unheard of for a new and completely independently funded 'underground' film about uk club culture. This lead to a great deal of interest from a number of national and international film distributors all looking to get involved in what is without doubt - the first dj inspired independent club culture film project of its kind.

Style icon...

Continually featured in the upper echelons of Mixmag's top 100 DJs in the world and one of the Face magazine's most influential club culture figures of the last decade, amongst numerous other accolades attributed to him, Jay's contribution to the UK music scene is second to none. He is a deejay icon featuring regularly on various television, radio and magazine programmes on black music and dance culture. Norman Jay, a recognised authority on both is considered by many of his peers and contemporaries to be 'The Peoples DJ' because of the width and breadth of his deejaying style and universal appeal. The Face magazine quite rightly proclaimed him 'A clubland institution'. He is also one of a select band of famous musicians, actors and sporstmen to be included in the prestigeous style book 'Laurel'  - a photographic tribute to the classic british fashion label FRED PERRY in it's golden jubilee year in 2003.


As an in demand album compiler he has released a number of superbly crafted compilation CD's. The latest of which is a fantastic double CD entitled Good Times London, released here in the UK on Azuli Records in August 2008. The album showcases even more eclectic carnival favourites from across the black music spectrum..


Norman is also seen regularly on various music based UK network television programmes. He is a recognised authority on black music and uk club culture - featuring prominently in the recent 'Soul Nation' documentary series recently screened on Channel 4. He has also presented numerous documentary style music programmes for BBC World Service including profiling the likes of legendary American record producer Quincy Jones. He also hosted the highly acclaimed disco series 'Good Times: The Story of Disco' in 2003 and the successful funk music series 'The Funk Factory' for BBC Radio 2.


MARTIN EAST (United States)

n 2004 Martin was the figurehead of the Jaguar X type Campaign, along with such artists as Zero 7, Thievery Corporation and Rob da Bank.

In 2004 Martin was the figurehead of the Jaguar X type Campaign, along with such artists as Zero 7, Thievery Corporation and Rob da Bank. Aside from his mix cd for Jaguar, Martin was performing to huge crowds in Miami, New York and Palm Springs. In 2005 Martin's track NeverEnding was a smash, the Jon Cutler remix being hammered hard that summer and was one of the songs of the conference. First single on Kapa, Let me take you, received the same response in 2007. Far From This Place and Let’s Go Deep both singles in 2008 made it to Tony Humphries top 10 and were favorites at this years WMC for Marques Wyatt, Jay J and Jon Cutler to name a few.
The last 12 months have seen collaborations with NY Legend E-Man and this along with his single this spring Release made it Top 5 on Traxsource and his mix of Sweet Temptation is on Roger Sanchez's upcoming Release 8. His label goes from strength to strength working with Mr V, Scott Wozniak, Ralf Gum, Random Soul and Jay J to name a few but it is Martin's ability to rock a crowd that stands him apart. Look out for 2 new singles this summer, We can be friends and Feel the Breeze on Kapa and a downtempo album project later in the fall.


LISA MILLETT (United Kingdom)

An outstanding singer, songwriter and live performer, Lisa has enjoyed considerable chart success. The diversity of her musical output, which includes house, soul, funk and jazz, make her one of the most unique performers on the scene.

Since Lisa's debut on Sheer Bronze's 1992 track ‘Walkin On’, she has worked with some of the most recognizable producers in the dance music industry including Manchester-based producers Evolution and Paul Oakenfold, for which she performed lead and backing vocals on hits by BT, Grace and the Perfecto All-stars on Paul’s Perfecto imprint.

Lisa’s voice has featured on several successful dance releases, many of which have enjoyed UK club and national chart success. ‘Soul Heaven’, ‘Bad Habit’ and ‘I Got This Feeling’ all went top 20 and were also received well internationally. Her distinctive voice is instantly recognizable and she has developed a loyal live following amongst clubbers throughout the UK and Europe.

Lisa was vocal producer and arranger on 2000's international crossover club hit, ‘The Trouble With Me’, alongside Black Legend's Italian producer Ciro Sasso. Lisa has spent much time working in Italy working alongside producer Ciro. Her vocal performance on the 2001 J Reverse track ‘Natural High’ and her collaboration with Ricky Montanari on the Azuli release ‘I Believe’ enjoyed widespread success.

With Bini and Martini, Lisa co-wrote and recorded House of Glass's ‘Disco Down’, Subsystem's ‘Best of Me’ and ‘Burning Up’ and even found time to perform a stunning vocal on their remix of Robbie Riviera's international club smash ‘Bang Bang’. However Lisa’s most successful work with the Italian euro-house producers has been on the Goodfellas’ classic ‘Soul Heaven’, re-released in summer 2001 by Sony's Direction label with brand new mixes by Dave Clarke. The song's popularity led it to become the brand name for a club night – Soul Heaven – which today attracts the world’s top DJs and producers.

Lisa has also worked extensively with ATFC. First singing on ATFC and Warren Clarke’s Lab Rats  retake of the Patty LaBelle classic ‘Music Is My Way Of Life’, Lisa contributed vocals to ATFC’s 2000 track ‘Bad Habit’ and backed up the following year with ‘Sleep Talk’.

2001 was indeed a standout year for Lisa. She wrote and produced for Tom Jones’ new album and sang on Double 99’s club hit ‘Freakazoid’. Her work with Latin-Jazz band Grupo-X, which included her outstanding vocal performance on ‘Brand New Love’, was licensed to several compilations and saw Lisa build on her budding career as a jazz singer. She has since toured extensively with her band, playing regularly in the UK and Spain.

Her most recent vocal effort was on Joey Musaphia’s ‘You Are The Best’ release on Refunkt, a fitting title for one of the most beautiful voices around. Her tracks continue to be licensed to compilations around the world, most recently on Defected’s ‘In The House: Evissa 05’ release and on Defected’s ‘Wax Wars’ project, which features a Jamie Lewis remix of her seminal track ‘It’s Alright’.

It is her love for jazz and soul fused with funk and house grooves that is inspiring her work on her debut solo album - an album that will comprise elements of all the styles of music that make up her musical complexion.


JAZZANOVA - DJ Set (Germany)

Sonar Kollektiv was founded in 1998 by Berlin's internationally renowned DJ and producer team JAZZANOVA. The intention was to create an independent record label and publisher connected to a worldwide independent distribution network.
With more then 200 catalogue releases over the few last years, among them well known artists like ÂME, DIXON, WAHOO, FORSS, MICATONE, CLARA HILL, GEORG LEVIN, NUSPIRIT HELSINKI, AZYMUTH, FAT FREDDYS DROP, BENNY SINGS, DOMU, DIMLITE, SLOPE, MOONSTARR, ROBAG WRUHME, EVA BE and of course JAZZANOVA themselves (their compilation The Remixes 1997 – 2000 sold more than 150.000 copies worldwide!) Sonar Kollektiv can claim to be one of the strongest and best-known German labels of our time, furthermore Sonar Kollektiv runs the two sublabels; Best 7 which is mainly devoted to dub sounds and Innervisions devoted to club and house. Additionally the label has established two very successful compilation series in the last years: Secret Love (part 3 scheduled for late 2006)  and ….mixing (part one with JAZZANOVA sold more then 30.000 copies worldwide; part two is scheduled for 2006 with a surprise guest and part three scheduled for 2007 featuring GILLES PETERSON!)
Label heads JAZZANOVA are widely known as figure heads of a genre that used to be labelled NuJazz, but it can hardly be described by the limitations of words like “New” and “Jazz” today. Through their outstanding work as DJ’s, artists and producers they have become forerunners in the further development of this and many other genres. Helping to stretch its borders while gradually incorporating various influences ranging from dub to brazil, jazz to house; African music to downbeat and even techno to minimal electronic music. Their openness to all kinds of sounds and genres has helped them to be a part in some of the most important musical developments of the last decade. Influencing a broad range of well known international and national artists and creating a truly contemporary sound.
While establishing the Jazzanova universe through their numerous releases and their remix work for many well known artists such as MASTERS AT WORK, CALEXICO, COMMON, LENNY KRAVITZ, 4 HERO, INCOGNITO, URSULA RUCKER, TRÜBY TRIO, IAN POOLEY, MJ COLE, U.F.O. etc. JAZZANOVA have formed with their label Sonar Kollektiv a platform to help to further define their musical universe, illustrating the wide range of music they are dedicated to.
Not styles and genres, but rather the relationship of those to each other is the driving force behind them and the label. With this in mind it’s logical that JAZZANOVA named their first album In Between back in 2002, since their focus is indeed the space “in between” and not the known or static. This space – the space between the genres, between acoustic and electronic, new and old, club and home – the hybrid – this is JAZZANOVA and this is Sonar Kollektiv !
As “in between” is one important source for the understanding of the labels work and output, “quality” is another.  Since its early days Sonar Kollektiv releases feature music beyond the average commercial standards. All members of the Sonar Kollektiv family (you may as well say collective since this is the translation of “Kollektiv” and chosen as part of the name for a reason), all musicians, DJs, graphic designers, artists, friends and families involved in the projects try to protect the idea of quality in music, design, live presence and label work no matter which individual sound or style is featured. To keep this high standards Sonar Kollektiv always tries to progress with each new release. Many international renown artists, such as ATJAZZ, CAPITOL A, KING BRITT, VIKTER DUPLAIX, RECLOOSE, TIEFSCHWARZ, MAURICE FULTON, I-CUBE, MADLIB, HERBERT, BEANFIELD, BUGZ IN THE ATTIC, JAZZY JEFF etc. have been attracted by this approach, leading to many collaborations with Sonar Kollektiv for productions and remixes over the recent years.
Through the associated booking agency Best Works (founded by well known Best 7 A&R Daniel W. Best) the label has established a constant live presence for its artists at all major international clubs, events and festivals. JAZZANOVA and the Sonar Kollektiv artists are regular guests at clubs like Liquid Room & Yellow Lounge (Tokyo), Fabric, The End & Ministry Of Sound (London), Nitsa & La Paloma (Barcelona), Batofar & Rex Club (Paris), Metro (Chicago), Cielo (New York), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Vega (Copenhagen), Zouk Club (Singapore), Club 5 (Washington), Lux (Lisbon) etc. And events & festivals like Detroit Electronic Music Fest. (Detroit/USA), Montreaux Jazz Festival (F), Sonar (Barcelona), Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), Cochela (L.A./USA), 10 Days Off & Pukkelpop   (B), Blue Note Festival (Genf/CH), North Sea Jazz Festival (Gent & Capetown), Tokyo Jazz Crossover Fest. Sonar Kollektiv and JAZZANOVA are also regular guests at many big UK festivals like Homelands, Southport Weekender, Big Chill, TDK (London). A network of residencies representing the Sonar Kollektiv sound all over the world is under construction with Berlin (once WMF now Bohannon & Weekend) and London (Warm) already established and more cities to come.
Sonar Kollektiv artists & JAZZANOVA have been invited to feature on many well known radio shows, BBC Radio One shows like Gilles Peterson, Pete Tong,  Essential Mix, Blue Room have all had JAZZANOVA / Sonar Kollektiv features, as have Kiss FM, XFM and other UK regional stations.
Songs released on the Sonar Kollektiv label have also enjoyed regular plays and have been charted by radio-stations across the UK and worldwide.
Over the recent years the label and JAZZANOVA have been supported constantly by the music press with features and cover stories. International music magazines like Straight No Chaser, IDJ, DJ Mag, Mixmag, Face; Wire, Touch, Echoes, Clash, Flux, I.D, Dazed, Groove Magazine, XLR8R, Coda, Traxx (F & E) and the mainstream press like The Observer Music Monthly, The Independent, The Guardian, Time Out, Metro  El Pais, Südeutsche Zeitung etc have covered the label. Sonar Kollektiv & JAZZANOVA titles have been licensed to well known Indies and all major companies (EMI,; Universal, WEA; Sony, BMG). They are featured on more than 450 compilations worldwide among them: Gilles Peterson Worldwide (Talking Loud / Mercury), Fabric 25 & 26 (Fabric), DK Kicks (K7!), Novatunes, St. Germain des trés Càfe to name a few. Titles have been featured on film and tv scores like Six Feet Under, CSI Miami, Nip/Tuck and many others.
Upcoming releases on Sonar Kollektiv feature albums by well known artists like SOULPHICTION; CHARLES WEBSTER & ATZAZZ, CLARA HILL & HENRIK SCHWARZ, WAHOO (aka DIXON & GEORG LEVIN). Furthermore JAZZANOVA themselves will release a compilation with Brazilian music accompanying this years soccer world championship named Paz E Futebol. Later this year Sonar Kollektivs sub label Innervisons will release  their first compilation.
Innervisions 10 features all club smashers from this already classic 12” series including Rej by ÂME (featured on many “tracks of year” lists and almost everyone’s playlist for months from MICHAEL MAYER to GILLES PETTERSON ) and MARCUS WORGULL’s massive club tune Dragon Loop. Upcoming 12” on Innervisons feature ÂME, I:CUBE, HENRIK SCHWARZ and M. ENOCHSON. Upcoming 12” on Sonar Kollektiv feature  CLARA HILL with CHARLES WEBSTER & ATJAZZ; with VIKTER DUPLAIX and together with KING BRITT.
With this outstanding releases ahead 2006 might become Sonar Kollektivs best year so far and certainly the music featured will further prove their unmatched ability to explore and bridge the space In Between and fill it with quality music.!


IAN POOLEY (Germany)

Housemusic for Today

Ian Pooley is a master of deceleration. Once asked in an interview about his plans for the future he opted for being a fisherman on a Croatian island.

What shines through is his ability to keep his cool. “I’m not interested in braggin’ about producing four tracks in two days” he explains. „Of course it’s technically possible but not satisfying for me.“ As passionate producer and musician, he prefers to take his time for skilful arrangements. Much time, in truth. His album ‘Souvenirs’, Pooley’s latest comment on electronic music and follow up to his album “Since Then” which sold 100.000 units, was released in summer 2004. And four years are an eternity within our fast living time. „I love to create complex sounds and songs“ he elaborates. “And I’ve found out that a great track takes its time.” But as much requested international top dj, he also finds himself at the centre of a hectic club scene, pushed between the clubs of Milano, Kiev and Miami. Still he knows how to adapt and profits from the changing scenes, as open-mindedness is key to his musical approach. Extensive studio work and rapid dj trips are the opposing forces of his life.

In spring 2006, Pooley left his home town Mainz, his base camp for 15 years of highly successful music productions and DJ activities. „I used to enjoy my reclusive life in Mainz especially after returning from a series of international DJ gigs. But when the local scene deflated, I began to miss the creative exchange with fellow musicians.“ The solution to this inspirational trap was his decision to move to Berlin, a trip into the unknown which soon turned into something good. „Recording the new album brought back the fun I used to have” he reveals with a smile. “Currently I’m reviewing my schedule and try to reduce my bookings elsewhere in favour of a local residency and the opportunity to spend more time in my studio.”

Asked about the influence of Berlin he concedes that nothing much so far has sedimented in his personal view although some colleagues wouldn’t agree. He claims that he rather focused on exploring of how much he would get from his vintage drum machines and sound effect gadgets. “The vibe”, he says, rather goes back to my ‘Meridian’ album of 1998”. Still it feels like a great concept of house music for today.

Ian Pooley’s album ‘In Other Words’ examines the changing forces of techno and house but clearly manifests his own voice among all the diverse tongues of electronic music. A journey of songs cutting through a complex soundscape – covering ground from the compelling summer hymn „Piha“ to NuDisco bomb „Heaven“. All in all, the 14 tracks range between the atmospheric, deep and exuberant. His „Intro“ as well as his „Blue Interlude“ serve as an oasis within a sparkling masterpiece. The true beginning marks “5 a.m.”, a hymn where Brazilian-style percussions are getting more and more unleashed, embedded by ever-changing soundscapes. „It´s You“ draws its power from Pooley’s versatile beats together with smooth vocals and jazzy blue notes. amazing in its elegance and airiness.

Guest appearances on ‘In Other Words’ are as programmtic as frugal. The first calling summons up Chicago house veteran Robert Owens who (in best Fingers Inc tradition) turns „Learn“ into a lascivious electro chanson. Then there is Tim Fuller who adds his spheric falsetto to „What I got“. And of course, there is Ulf Kleiner aka Perry Colo (a long-standing companion of Ian Pooley) who delivers some wicked organ sounds. Towards the album’s end, the tracks once again take on a funky vibe with a hunch for powerful samba sounds. The rhythmically loaded „Closer“ ties perfectly up to the preceding offerings and presents itself as the climax of the album.

‘In Other Words’ proves how adept and adaptable a musician Ian Pooley is. He manages to sound as deep as progressive, as atmospheric as compelling. The album continues his legacy but also refreshes your mind. A tight and convincing effort.


DANISM (United Kingdom)

Dan Liquid and Dan Nu:Tone are collectively known as Danism. Together they form a production team that is synonymous with a high quality and innovative production sound.

With extensive studio experience – Dan Liquid as one half of Liquid People and Dan Nu:Tone as one of the most respected stars on the D&B scene – the duo initially met in Cambridge and are currently making serious waves. As Nu:Tone Dan has been signed to London Elektricity’s Hospital Records since 2003 and has 3 LPs under his belt.
As a fully-trained musician and engineer, Dan Nu:Tone has seamlessly integrated himself with Dan Liquid’s production vision and their tracks have, over the past 3 years, consistently hit the top of the international dance charts. From their collaborations with vocalists such as Lisa Millet, Kenny Bobien and Kathy Brown, Danism are behind soulful hits such as ‘One Life’, ‘Feelin’ You’ and ‘Light Up My Life’, while releases such as the ‘Afterdark’ EP and the ‘Astarte’ EP highlight their darker dimensions. Influenced by a whole range of musical genres, Danism’s production output is both prolific and varied while maintaining a definite signature sound. This quality and consistency has resulted in major support right across the house spectrum from the likes of Tony Humphries, Jon Cutler and Alix Alvarez to Laurent Garnier, Roger Sanchez and Mark Knight and The Jinks.
Danism have also worked with the likes of Monique Bingham and Xavier but it is their recent collaborations with Haze that has taken their productions, and their plaudits, to the next level. Featuring the staccato spoken word of Haze, ‘Mesmerize’ was a major club hit in 2007 and in 2008 ‘Strike’ was a massive smash. Initially promoted in Miami, ‘Strike’ subsequently gained widespread club support and multiple plays from Pete Tong on the ‘Essential Selection’. A genuine club smash that sounds best in its natural dance floor environment,  ‘Strike’ received support from Martin Solveig, Fedde Le Grand, The Shapeshifters and CJ Mackintosh and received the remix treatment from Mike Gray and Nick ‘Bodyrox’ Bridges.
In addition to their output for MN2S, Danism have released material on labels such as Defected, Slip & Slide, and Tony Records. They remixed Soul Central’s ‘Strings Of Life’ in 2004, and have more recently remixed the likes of Blaze (Slip ‘N’ Slide), Groove Junkies (MoreHouse) and Lisa Millet (Code Red). With further remixes on Nocturnal Groove as well as original productions already lined up for release on MN2S, Danism are going from strength to strength and are set to maintain a high profile throughout 2009 and beyond.
With over 20 years DJ experience between them Danism fulfill individual DJ commitments while also maintaining an international DJ schedule as a duo. They regularly journey to destinations across Europe, Russia and the U.K and are one of the key residents for MN2S at Matter (London) where they consistently rock the main floor. As a DJ duo they take their influences from a wide musical base and are technically superb, often playing across 4 decks, throwing a wide array of acapellas, effects and tricks into the mix. Danism have played the El Divino opening party in Ibiza for the last 3 years – a party that attracts crowds in excess of 2000 – and also play live on the world-renown Ibiza Global Radio 97.6FM.   In addition to this, the pair are regulars at El Divino for MN2S during their summer seasons in Ibiza and they also mixed the MN2S Ibiza 2008 compilation CD – a mix which received rave reviews.  Without a doubt, Danism are a production and DJ duo that are going places and demand your maximum attention.



Over 10 boundary-pushing years, Nic Chagall and Bossi have evolved Cosmic Gate into one of the most creative and highly-sought-after electronic music acts in the world.

Revered uber-producers, their musical acumen has seen them become long-term favourites of the trance’s Big 5 DJs with their 3 hugely-received albums transporting anthems like ‘Body of Conflict’, ‘I Feel Wonderful’, ‘Analog Feel’, or the classics ‘Exploration of Space’ and Fire Wire to the dancefloor. As DJs, their kinetic, blood-pumping live performances are seen by hundreds of thousands of club and festival goers annually. Playing a 100 nights every year, it’s this ever-visible club presence that saw them reach their highest position to-date on the DJ Mag Top 100, landing at No.62 in 2008.

Following a chance meeting at a label office in Cologne in late 1998, the pair collaborated for the first time. It’s  a production partnership that has become one of the dance world’s most  successful and memorable.  In  their  homeland of Germany,  they’ve maintained a consistent  level of chart success, with no fewer than 7 Top 40 singles to their name and a Top 10 hit in the UK in 2001, with  the quintessential club hit, Fire Wire. Drawing on a broad-range of their  individual  musical tastes  and  influences,  they’ve continued to advance and enhance the sound… Following up the long-players  ‘Rythm & Drums’ and ‘No More Sleep’, in 2006 they released ‘Earth Mover’, which saw a seismic shift towards a more melodic and electronically orientated music. Including the club hits  ‘Analog  Feel',  ‘Should Have Known’ and  ‘I Feel Wonderful’,  the  long-player was  IDMA nominated for Best Album of 2007 and was latterly seen as a new ‘year one’ for Cosmic Gate.

In 2009 Nic and Bossi are set  to  release  their  fourth studio album ‘Sign  of  the Times’, which contains  11 floor-monsters-in-waiting, last year’s  vocal  anthem ‘Body  of Conflict’ and the latest smash single  ‘Not  Enough  Time’, which  in  the words  of  Tiësto  is “a great  and  solid  vocal trancer that touches all your musical senses!” And in the broader scale on ‘Sign of  the Times’ Armin  van  Buuren  says  “The  new Cosmic Gate  album  is  one  of  the most  anticipated releases of  this year. They are on the forefront of the dance music sound of the moment… Bring on 2009!”

Deck-side Nic and Bossi  have whipped floors  into frenzies  all the way around the world.  In 2008 they  played Tiësto’s now-famous Monday nighter at Privilege  in  Ibiza, rocked roofs  at  the Judgement  Sunday  nights  and  decisively  broke  into  the  US  and  Australian  clubbing
scenes  through  a string of  sell-out  tours. They appeared in the DJ Magazine’s  list of Top 100 spinners  for  6  years  now  and  are  regular  festival  attraction,  spinning  at  events  like  Trance Energy  and Mysteryland in The Netherlands, Summadayze in Australia, Germany’s Nature One and Stateside at Nocturnal.  In early 2009  they are set  to roadblock  the Freedom Festival with Tiësto in Malaysia and Sunrise in Poland.

Back2Back, Cosmic Gate’s on-going compilation series was devised as  the at-home testament to the pair’s  club-rocking exploits. 2007 saw the release of  the 3rd volume through Tiësto’s Black Hole  label.  The  compilations  bring  the  evocative mix  of  trance,  progressive  and  electro  and stands  apart  through  their  use  of  numerous  at-the-time  unreleased  productions  and  unique Cosmic Gate edits.

Over  their production  lifetime, the Cosmic  Gate remixes  have become almost as  fêted as  their productions. Essentially a blow by blow of trance music’s A-list,   Nic and Bossi    lent their  studio  know-how  to productions  by  the likes  of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above &  Beyond’s  OceanLab  project,  Rank  1  and  Blank  &  Jones.  Most  recently  they  rewired  Deadmau5’s  ‘Clockwork’  to  devastating  effect  and  created  two  highly-praised  remixes  of  ‘Vincent De Moor - Fly Away’ and ‘Veracocha - Carte Blanche’.


Dear all

this is my latest mixes.. hope u like it


kalo bikin 1000.. design sama tp perbedaannya 500 mixed by A & 500nya lg mixed by B.. bisa? harganya gmn?


finally after 4 years.. thanks for ur support guys  :)

« on: 20/03/09, 00:37 »
hmmmmm... knp lo matkidut?

tali kasih.. aw aw
hmmmmm... knp lo matkidut?

tali kasih.. aw aw


maksud gw tali kasih = perhatian adik kakak gituuu


« on: 18/03/09, 18:09 »
hmmmmm... knp lo matkidut?

tali kasih.. aw aw

« on: 12/03/09, 02:05 »


« on: 21/01/09, 04:53 »

Bandung / Re: ALVIN cepet sembuh yess..
« on: 17/01/09, 18:19 »
oi vin.. cepet sembuh yaakkk... naga nya kurang atu dong nih?

asli, naganya keok sama nyamuk.. hehehe

to all :
thanks yaa

yeaaaah kobim  *bgs* *bgs* *bgs*

iman = xavier

i love every part in it.. no doubt, it will be my fav track at the moment..
keep doing this bro..


temen2.. support yaaa.. :)

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