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Semarang & Solo events / Re: goldstacks event
« on: 17/09/14, 15:06 »
summer vibe.... *tepuktangan*

Dubstep series from Olisimus. It has been more than three years I'm working. I have to find the new one because I want to be better.

This mix starts with mellow standard dubstep to minimal dubstep.

New single coming soon.. http://olisimus.bandcamp.com


Track list:

1. Sun & Moon feat. Richard Bedford (Distance Remix) by Above & Beyond
2. Painted Sky (Talon Dub Remix) by Seba
3. This Way by Nero
4. Strung Out by Bar9
5. Ghost N Stuff feat. Rob Swire (Nero Remix) by Deadmau5
6. Rolling Stone (Truth Remix) by The Weeknd
7.Talisman by Kryptic Minds
8. Breathing Again feat. Proxima by Icicle
9. Dread feat. Ruckspin by Jack Sparrow
10. The Shift by District
11. The Divide by Kryptic Minds
12. Underworld by Cyrus
13. Away With Me feat. Tamara Blessa (Kito Remix) by SpectraSoul

Mix Tape / Demo sharing / Podcast / DNB Mix vol. 3
« on: 17/09/14, 14:47 »
Straight to volume 3. Previous DNB mixes counted to volume 1 & 2 :D
This mix contains liquid funk DNB tracks and some jungle tunes.
Please enjoy it..


Track list:

1. Fatamorgana by Marabunta
2. Song for Lovers by Bachelors of Science
3. Looking Glass (feat. Shaz Sparks) by Bcee
4. Lost V.I.P by Hybrid Minds
5. Meltdown 2012 (feat. Calibre) by Marcus Intalex
6. Love Hurts by S.P.Y
7. From Bath with Love by Danny Byrd
8. Honey (L-Side Bootleg) by Erykah Badu
9. A Call to Arms by Bexxie
10. Autumn Leafs by Digital Ivy
11. The Struggle by Fracture & Neptune
12. You Got Me (Blu Mar Ten Remix) by Erykah Badu

This is my birthday mix. And this is a continuation of my UK Garage mix series - Future Value - and give some description on the title in order to be more informative.

Trivia: According to Al-Ghazali the dwellers of Heaven will exist eternally in a state of being age 33.


Track list:

1. Voices by Bija
2. Passage by Mirror State
3. Carriage by Canvas
4. Ruins by Dissolve
5. Navigate (Myztical Remix) by Ghostek
6. Hit The Deck by JLB
7. Missspel by Silvanian Families
8. Mothership by Carpainter
9. Traverse by VVV
10. Just For You by Submerse
11. That feeling by VVV
12. In McDonalds (Grobbie Remix) by Burial
13. Endorphin by Burial

Apprentice Mix series volume 3.

Been more than one year working at the same place. Should I get the better job or get married? LOL!


Genre: Dubstep

Track list:

1. Clair De Lune (Truth Remix) by Flight Facilities
2. Seeking Oblivion ( Truth remix ) by States of Emotion
3. Empty Lungs by Posij
4. Chrome by Ginz
5. The Talisman by Kryptic Minds
6. Exothermic Reaction by Skream
7. The Shift by District
8. Mid June Madness by Coki
9. Troubles by Distance
10. Acid Step by Icicle
11. Broken by Lung.
12. I Think You Should Know by Joker
13. Cuba electronic by Mala
14. The Divide by Kryptic Minds

This is a hip hop mix from me contains hip hop tracks and some instrumental, vocal, ambient and orchestra.
Enjoy it..



1. The Birds byTelefon Tel Aviv
2. This combo could end us by Submerse
3. Exit Wound (Tropkillaz Bassheads Remix) by Mixhell
4. Positif (feat. APA) by Lady Gan
5. Hundred of Steps by Silvanian Families
6. Atmo Glitch by Olisimus
7. Spaceape by Burial
8. Night Bus by Burial
9. Be Like Me by Snoop Dogg x True Tiger
10. Whats Your Name by Meat beat manifesto
11. SET YOUR RECEIVERS by Meat beat manifesto
12. John Thomas On The Inside Is Nothing But Foam by Telefon Tel Aviv
13. Lek-lekan by G-tribe
14. Whats Real? by SF Traxx
15. Now it's Over by Submerse
16. In Mcdonalds by Burial
18. 773 Love (Cyril Hahn 4am Bootleg) by Jeremih
19. Orchestra na Risa by Hironosuke Satou

Main Talk / Toilet Room?
« on: 17/09/14, 14:17 »
wah iseng aja bikin plesetan..

Main Talk / Ravelex 11 Years
« on: 17/09/14, 14:15 »
wah masih eksis aja ya. semoga eksis terus!

woohoo.. *tepuktangan*

« on: 21/03/13, 10:11 »
oke ditunggu.. ;)

Okeh klo gitu gw juga maen house aja openingnya ihik

campur2 wonky boleh tuh..

Dedo Sixteen.. mantap brot! *bgs*

Main Talk / Re: Smirnoff Ice Pop Up Club Finale
« on: 30/01/13, 15:56 »
yes, Makoto juga nyempilin music 130 BPM..

Mei bro... mark ur calendar!

oh ya dia bedua benga...

wwaw really??? *tepuktangan* *bgs*

gw suka konsepnya. semua jenis musik dance ada. dan pilihan utama saya adalah Area 2, tapi sempet mampir ke tempat lain kok.. mungkin crowd di Area 2 paling rame dansanya menurutku.. komentar teman juga sependapat dengan saya.. Dan benar, DJ andalan Area 2 adalah Makoto dari Jepang. Dan moga aja ke depannya turut diundang DJ DNB asing yang lain, karena konsep acara yg berisi banyak stage bagus juga untuk yg khawatir DJ undangannya sepi peminat..

ayo siapa yg bisa nyari fotoku ;D

yeah langsung ke Phunktion 82!

nih sekelumit videonya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_stKLRdRzac

sorry kalo gelap (emg gelap sih) harap maklum formatnya 3gp (pakai Nokia gan!) ;D



« on: 29/01/13, 14:05 »
DJ Random, Jerome, DTX (DNB heroes from Jakarta)

Sixteen (DJ dubstep yang nyelip2 di acara DNB dan responnya bagus)

Phuture89 (Duta dansa pulau Sumatra)

segitu dulu aja deh.. sorry kalo ada yg kelupaan..

In the end of this year (2012) I've made a mix containing UK Garage music as well as Dubstep and Tech House. So enjoy it..



Year End Mix 2012
Date: 26 December 2012
Style: UK Garage / Future Garage / Dubstep / Tech House
Duration: 58:48
Bit rate: 160 kbps
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ld4cck3mk1bsc44

Track list:

1. Wabz - Hachling [Broken Bubble]
2. The xx - Sunset [Young Turks]
3. Sorrow - Siren's Echo [Broken Bubble]
4. Kaiju - Monster
5. Kryptic Minds - Secure Lost [Swamp 81]
6. Submerse - Muteki [Maltine]
7. Budeaux & Davwuh - Faded [Broken Bubble]
8. VVV - Two Miles Under
9. The Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix) [London]
10. Cosmin TRG - Writersbloc (Ghostek Remix)
11. Ghostek - Navigate pt.1 [Square Harmony]
12. Digital Mystikz - Haunted (Corporal F Bootmix) [Future Grooves]
13. Burial - Archangel (Synamatic Remix) [Hyperdub]
14. Submerse - Crush [L2S]
15. Silvanian Families - Routes [Maltine]

very nice bro!!.. ayo pada download!


kali aja ada yg blm download :D


ngomong2 soal free entry to party?.. ya mungkin pergaulannya di dunia EDM harus bagus. Misalnya kalau ada acara gathering, workshop, dll datang lah, bisa aja ada yang bagi2 tiket gratis. Tapi niat kita jangan nyari gratisan lah.. carilah hal2 positif dari kegiatan tersebut..

gw aja sdh booking tiket eh malah dapat beberapa tiket gratis.. mayan lah bisa ajak beberapa teman.. ;) *dan sisa satu tiket* :(

btw pengen nih kontroler yang sederhana saja. ya buat DJ2an di rumah aja sih.. any advice?

Nah ini ada bedanya klo di Indonesia nih, klo yang main DJ luar mau maen apa juga ga bakal di cut, klo yang maen dj lokal udah di CUT lgsg.

Kejadiannya kayak waktu el hornet (pendulum dj set) di Blowfish, crowd reguler blowfish yang rnb banget udah pada buka table buka botol, kejebak terpaksa ngikutin deh tuh joget2 sok iye malem itu untungnya mereka ga protes.

kaget juga sih kalo doi main di blowfish.. :D

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