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blum juga selesai sob?
tapi klo buat taruhan goban goban boleh deh ikutan? ;D
bayarnya transfer bca sob ??? :P

ayo...pilihan eloe siape...???

Music / Re: BEST DJ by Genre
« on: 19/07/06, 12:30 »
BEST DJ by Genre : Versi kita lho....

BEST PROGRESSIVE DJ :lokal : naro/achdiyat/riri...international :john digweed,sasha,nick warren,james holden

BEST TRANCE         DJ :lokal : ardi pite/agoose ,international :PVD,AVB

BEST TECHNO        DJ :lokal : romy,ai moonchild,blanco ,international : carl cox,dave angel,josh wink

BEST ELECTRO       DJ :lokal : romy/anton/, international : terntemoller,tiefschwarz,cirez d

BEST HOUSE          DJ :oki/achdiyat/anton/hogi,international :francois K,xpress 2,john digweed

House / silicone soul biography & up coming gigs
« on: 19/07/06, 12:18 »

Clear your mind and drift into Silicone’s soul…

Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie are back with their new album ‘Staring Into Space’, a stellar composition of deep and emotive music.

As Craig says “Our sound is more developed and cohesive than on our last album, although we don’t have any set ideas before entering the studio we have tried to make an album of music with a vibe running through it rather than a ‘house’ album.”

It has been four years since Silicone Soul conquered the world with their stunning homage to Curtis Mayfield, ‘Right On!’ which truly deserves the ‘classic’ accolade and propelled the boys into the UK top twenty.

As Craig points out “‘Right On!’ did well and that took us by surprise a little ... we definitely believe in not compromising our music, so instead of perhaps trying to do similar tracks to ‘Right on!’ we decided to take time out and get our own vibe and sound together in the studio and see what happened - basically like we have always done”

Since then they have been working non-stop, from Djing around the world to building up their Darkroom Dubs imprint, remixing and putting together a new studio to develop the Silicone Soul sound. "We're influenced by a lot of different styles of music" says Craig, "From that Jamaican Dance Hall vibe of the '70's, people like Lee Perry, Gregory Isaacs, King Tubby and Augustus Pablo to funk, soul and disco, people like Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, The Temptations and Sly & The Family Stone right through to the Wild Pitch sound, DJ Pierre, Felix Da Housecat, the classic Chicago sound, Basic Channel…I could go on forever."

Although they list punk and rock n' roll as their early influences, bands such as The Stooges, MC5, Hendrix, The Stones, The Clash and Glasgow's own Primal Scream, they were converted to the house sound of Glasgow by Slam in the early Nineties and since their early releases on Soma they have been refining their unique deep groove. Debut album ‘A Soul Thing’ was a lauded by critics upon its release in March 2000 and established Silicone Soul as one of Soma’s most prominent and popular acts. Now with ‘Staring Into Space’ they have taken their music to a new dimension and have incorporated live instrumentation and vocals, with outstanding performances from Chippy (Guitar), Tom MacNiven (Trumpet) and Brian Molley (Sax).

Fans of the Silicone Soul sound will not be disappointed. Their trademark liquid house, tight beats are here in abundance, fused with a marvellous musicality and substance that prevails throughout. Hypnotic, dubbed out grooves like ‘Folie A Deux’, ‘Inferno’ and ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ are reminiscent of vintage Silicone Soul tracks, brimming with lush textures, echo and space. ‘When The Devil Drives’, ‘Room 666 At The Deadly Hotel’ and the post - apocalyptic ‘Burning Sands’ are psychedelic expeditions into space-jazz, and the delicious ‘You Can’t Lose What You Never Had’ is a down-tempo highlight, a moving and emotive song featuring soulful vocals from Soma labelmate Hope Grant aka Envoy.

The awesome ‘Feeling Blue’ reunites Craig and Graeme with Louise Marshall, the vocalist who sang on their ‘Right On!’ smash. Here they have conjured an astro-house anthem that is out of this world. This ultra infectious track is the next single to be released and features remixes by Silver City, Soul Mekanik and The Spirals.

The album does have it’s share of dancefloor burners, ‘Les Nocturnes’ is a supreme slice of future-disco which is inspired by their love of Parisian nightlife, and ‘Under A Werewolf Moon,’ a chunky tribute to the US house sound of the early nineties.

‘Staring Into Space’ concludes with the outrageous ‘Poisoner’s Diary’. This is a driving, Blondie inspired slug of synth-pop featuring vocals from Stuart Gray of Viva Stereo, one of Glasgow’s hippest guitar bands.

This is a genuinely remarkable album from two of dance music’s brightest stars.

Upcoming gigs

Thursday, 20th July 2006 - Trilogy, Dubai
Friday, 21st July 2006 - Crystal, Istanbul
Saturday, 22nd July 2006 - Redlight, Paris
Thursday, 27th July 2006 - Cocktail Club, Stockholm
Sunday, 30th July 2006 - Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium
Wednesday, 2nd August 2006 - La Cova, Menorca
Friday, 4th August 2006 - Look, Viana Do Castelo, Madeira, Portugal
Tuesday, 8th August 2006 - Electrosplash Festival, Spain
Saturday, 12th August 2006 - Nude, London
Monday, 14th August 2006 - La Terrrazza, Barcelona
Friday, 18th August 2006 - Cabaret Voltaire, T On The Fringe, Edinburgh
Saturday, 19th August 2006 - Surfspot, Hel, Kuznica, Poland
Friday, 25th August 2006 - Piekarnia, Warsaw
Saturday, 26th August 2006 - Dziedziniec Zamkowy, Poznan
Saturday, 2nd September 2006 - Club Q, Zurich


tech house track baru...keren nih cingko ....

House / Re: summer house chart 2006
« on: 19/07/06, 11:43 »
john acquaviva bukannya techno?
dia mengusung house and techno juga deh kayaknya

Main Talk / Re: Hard Trance "gimana menurutlu"
« on: 19/07/06, 11:39 »
belon masup gue hardtrance. krn gue lbh prefer ambience, rather than bpm speed..
melodic synthnya juga kacau klo hard trance. cant grip it...
maklum ne, gue modal kopi ginseng doanq. :P

di oz trendnya hard trance sih gue ngga kaget,
mungkinkah ada hubungan dgn fakta klo oz n new zealand itu.....

Australia and New Zealand are the world’s highest users of speed and ecstasy, though New Zealand generally has lower levels of use than Australia—this is particularly so with ecstasy. (Not to be outdone, however, the use of speed among 15–19-year-old males is higher in New Zealand.)


no offense. :)

setahu gue dope/drugs nggak ngaruh ke bpm bos !!!
emang menurut loe yg aliran ambient trance/ethnic 2 downtempo gitu nggak ada yg make hash or something ???

deepest sympathy

BALI SUMMER 2006 / Re: GIG guide BALI agust'2006
« on: 28/06/06, 18:45 »
mark farina akan main di bali tgl 19 agustus
tanggal confirm, tp di mananya blm pasti
mantep nih mark farina,main di kudeta keren banget,bisa juga funky house set di double six

yg bener loe !

keren banget juoo ,dulu john digweed gigs pertamanya di americath 88 dia main opening set buat mark farina sama derrick carter...jagoan jagoan chicago ,udah hijrah ke sf ...kompilasinya mushroom jazz bagus bagus dan bisa juga maen set funky house buat di big room kayak di crobar,smart bar,womb dll

everything but the girl ...tracey in my room ,sedeeepppp

makin banyak yg nyolong start di parkiran club pake minuman plastik(pletok) ala petogogan huheuheuheuhuehuheuhe

Label / Event Organizing / Re: FUTURE10
« on: 01/05/06, 10:28 »
2 good 2 be true :)

love u all guys, keep rockin jakarta  8)

Blanco...Blancoo...Blancooooo...........  8) 8)

mau dong chart nya blanco.....argghhhh....:P

Label / Event Organizing / Re: whats up DAFKAF
« on: 01/05/06, 10:10 »
abang , apa kabar ? kyknya jarang nge rvlx  lagi nih ... taun ini rencana ada acara apa bang yg di bikin sama dafkaf ? adhe sama miko di back 2 back kyknya mantap tuh bang .. hehehe..

sukses terus ya bang ... dafkaf ROCKS !!!

hey prama,

gw msh ada d sktr RVLX kok.. hehehehhe

kmrn emang banyak jalan2 dulu,

adhe & miko back2back? lucu juga...  :D

trus, koleksi technonya makin ok nih?


achdiyat vs Alvin K ,back 2 back seru tuhh....:)

Disk Jockey / Re: James Holden *
« on: 01/05/06, 09:38 »
ho oh, james holden udh pnh main di the gate, jkt, taon 2002 kali ya.. crowd yg dateng bubaran cepet banget waktu itu, jam 3an udah mulai sepi.. jam 4? jangan ditanya.. dah kosong melompong, tinggal duikit banget orangnya, karena yg dtg-in holden itu temen gue, jadi gue stay ampe abis set nya, dan poto-poto bareng holden.. ehehehehe..   ;D ;D ;D 

hmm... apakah music dia 2002 dulu trlalu dark? atau trlalu psychedelic?..atau trlalu atmospheric? apa saat itu ada party di tempat lain yg lebih happening? mungkin 2002 eranya house dan prog kali yaa? eh tapi dia 2002 mainin apa emang? apa skg 2006 ikutan electro juga? atau tetep dark dan atmospheris ala holdennya?
any news guys?

hmm..susah jg sih kalo mau ngejelasin dia dikategorikan ke genre apaan. Malah di post gw sblmnya gw masukin quote dari dia sendiri kalo dia ngga pengen fit into particular genre. Mungkin buat orang sejenius dia ngga pengen soundnya dibatesin. Unsur "fluffy" nya kentel bgt. Serasa di awan :)   
Tapi bener kata Bonsaikitty kalo sekarang unsur minimalnya kuat bgt, walaupun tetep melayang layang ::)
Tapi yang pastinya mau apapun lagu yang dia bawain punya ciri khas tersendiri.
Waktu dia kesini thn 2002 itu gw blm ada di Indonesia. Gw gak tau the Gate tuh tempatnya kayak gimana, tapi yang pasti Holden bukan tipe big room DJ. Lebih effective buat Holden main di tempat kecil yg cuma berkapasitas 200an orang.

Mungkin Ekspektasi orang orang tentang Holden pada waktu itu salah. Atau kurang ada info tentang dia sebelumnya. Jadinya orang orang yang dateng pada kecewa.

HHmmm...effect sampingnya kalo terlalu idealis. Susah diterima banyak orang. Bahkan Holden sekalipun. Tapi kenapa dia bisa masuk ke 50 besar DJ dunia, itu udah cukup membuktikan kalo dibalik soundnya yang complicated dia punya kelebihan yg luar biasa. 

Hint: Dengerin set nya Holden itu kaya nonton Film. Kalo ditinggal dikit masih gak terlalu ketinggalan cerita. Tapi Kalo ditinggal kelamaan harus di rewind lagi.  ;D


- K -

typical genius ,begitu juga dgn zabiela ,mereka sangat di cintai oleh sasha & digweed :'(

seems like electro fever have no big deal with miguel  :P , still funky,deep,soulful ....  ;)
ada juga sedikit 2 tech house yg pake vocal dan break beat/nu jazz style nya..
kayaknya banyak track 2 baru yg dia maenin mungkin utk promo labelnya yg baru juga "salted"
....dragonfly banyak gay nya ...sialan...kekekekkekek

Main Talk / Re: future heroes of yours
« on: 13/04/06, 10:36 »
nathan fake
ozgur can
james holden
steve angelo

House / 21 st century jazz vibes for the dance floor
« on: 06/04/06, 15:28 »
Title: Jazz Vibes - Vinyl Selection Part One (MM007)
Jiro - Nubuck

Deep Solution - Trans-Atlantic Jazz

Hakan Lidbo - Jazz Spasm

Selected DJ reactions:
Another winner from the Mettle camp always delivering quality - Rainer Truby
Feeling Jiro - "Nubuck" the most, a solid slice of 21st Century Fusion through out, all good! - Gareth (Askew Recordings)
I just love this Jiro tune ?it just feels, SO good!! Very uplifting? The Hakan Lidbo tune is fun too. - Aaron Michelson (Ubiquity Records)
A pleasant sojourn into the world of jazzy beat/house music - Domu
I love this! - Rocky
Excellent EP, including the awesome " Nubuck" - Beatfanatic
Sounds great! - Andy Compton (Rurals)
Another * must have to add to my slowly building Mettle Music
Collection - Ben Mitchell (Mr Hermano/Sao Benitez)
* stuff as always, nice work - Brian Tappert
I'm digging Deep Solution & Jiro - Mr Scruff
Good stuff, favourite cut is Hakan Libdo! - Snr Lobo (Lovemonk)
This ep made my day!!! My heart is playing and i definitely digg 燡IRO, Hakan is also very cool and your Honeytrap track is for waking up with sun. Overall ?0/10 for being different and for quality - Tom Blacksoul Music

After the initial well received & highly satisfying foray into the world of 'Latin Vibes', here we begin to take a look at the influence 'that old devil called jazz' continues to have on contemporary producers looking to get the dancefloor moving with real musicians playing real instruments. Through a series of 'Jazz Vibes' 12" releases we'll be taking tracks from the two (Club Selection & Lounge Selection) 'Jazz Vibes album compilations due out over the coming months (March & June respectively) & with support from such illustrious taste-makers as Mr Scruff, Rainer Truby, Domu, Rocky, Brian Tappert & Beatfanatic to name only a few, who are we to argue?

Buy: http://www.juno.co.uk/search.php?format=vinyl&q=jazz+vibes&precision=all&column=all

Main Talk / Re: bocoran anthem WMC 2006
« on: 06/04/06, 15:04 »

3. Chus & Ceballos - Wrong About Me (Portuguese Mafia Rmx) (Stereo Productions, Spain)
- Our own Portuguese Mafia project (a.k.a. Carlos Fauvrelle & Mike Morales). This one is very Drummy, Synthy and Portuguese! Peak hour madness! Coming out on Stereo Productions (soon after the conference!)

Happy tune hunting!

belom di release orang udah pada euphoric...gokil n salute :)

buat massive festival di dreamland bali (di lapangan yg di atasnya...view pantai masih kelihatan)...dengan megkombinasikan international dj/local dj/local nu breed...dgn meghadirkan sponsor 2 international seperti zoukout festival
main area :

1.john aquaviva
2.richardo vilalobos
3.the flash brother
4.ardi pite
6.double dee
14.sasha & digweed

area 2 :(house,tribal,breaks,electro)
1.agrikultur (live)
4.derrick carter
9.boby peru (a.k.a paul woolford)
10.john & jesper dahlback ( back 2 back)
16 .james lavelle
17.james zabiela
18.lawnchair generals
19.inland knights
20.chus & ceballos

chill room (dub/downtempo/deep house/soulful house)
1.andezzz (dj set)
2.mark farina
6.dj colette
7.chuck love
9.king britt
12.donni 1 (kudeta bali)
13.mei lwun
14.mettle music
15.jon cutler
16 .the rurals

area 4 (drum n bass/break beat/hip-hop)
1.andy C
2.high contrast
5.beastie boys (live)
6.LTJ Bukem
7.dj cream
8.adam f
10.arman van helden (funk hip-hop set..dia penah main set kayak gitu di ajax stadium )

massive laser attraction by :pink floyd lighting management

fully sponsored by :V channel,MTV,singapore airlines,anker beer,jack daniels,durex,corona beer,ritz carlton hotel bali,toyota rent a car,garuda indonesia

setiap pemegang tiket masuk langsung mendapatkan paket 6 pack corona beer (kaleng)
party start jam 5 sore sampai jam 9 pagi
tersedia shower utk mandi (hot/cold shower)

legalized today !
get high tonight.................

Main Talk / Re: Introduce yourself :)
« on: 17/02/06, 12:12 »
gw rocky di cakung (bekasi),umur 30 (alah makkk....)
gue suka bergabung di komunitas ravelex karena kritik 2 membangun sudah bisa di terima dgn baik antar sesama genre....walaupun gue suka techno,trance,electro dll tetapi roots gue house..karena dulu pertama kali beli plat utk belajar beatmatch pake platnya master at work(beli dari temen kakak gue di amerika)
kiranya komunitas EDM culture di indonesia semakin maju dengan semakin tingginya permintaan pasar utk scene lokal itu sendiri

« on: 29/01/06, 10:40 »
chris & kai
ewan pearson
silicone soul
derrick carter
tom stephan

masih terjangakau lah harganya..:P

Main Talk / Re: 2006 resolution
« on: 29/01/06, 10:36 »
keep up the good work

what have we done is a "work"

Main Talk / Re: wonderbar anniversary ?
« on: 29/01/06, 10:34 »
salute....gw mau belok ke wb jam 5 pagi masih hujan deras dari retro.....
akhirnya bobo manis aja dehh...happy ending everyone ...? :P

« on: 29/01/06, 10:26 »
Setelah era progressive dan trance lambat laun digusur oleh Electro, kabar2nya Techno akan menjadi trend musik tahun depan...

gimana menurut lo?
secara lokal atau global juooo ?
kayaknya untuk polling top ten dj tahun 2006 masih trancey sound ...
mylo,tiga,tiefschwarz mungkin juga bisa masuk top 10 tahun ini ? masih tanda tanya....

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